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The Future of Employee Training and Development Customizable platform and online training content for employee assessment, development and education – and so much more

A Suite of Features to Change the Way Your Company Handles Workforce Development


Cloud Based Technology

Provided through and stored securely in the cloud.  Everything is accessible by you and your employees 24/7, from any location, and on any device. This is the future of employee training and development!


Custom Company Education Portal

In just a few minutes you’ll have your own, branded education portal.  Just log in, type, click save, and it’s done!  We make it simple for you to provide an education portal tailored by you to your employees.


Courses, Degrees, and Assessments

The only company in the world that provides online courses, degrees, assessments, and business book summaries on one platform. Unlike other providers, we offer your employees more, with less hassle.


Multiple Pricing Models and Plans

We strive to provide flexible options to our clients. We understand no two clients are the same and that each has unique needs.  Our pricing plans are flexible and offer the maximum services available for your budget.


Accessible Interface – Easy to Use

The HR or Training group at your organization has access to easy to use and powerful tools to manage everything related to employee development. Its in the cloud so it’s available 24/7!


Real Time Reporting

Quick access to important data is a must!  You can easily see course and assessment grades, employee status and much, much more. We can even update your employees records in your HRIS.


Learning Management System

Check! We have that too.  Our system can be used to offer a variety of courses – from us, others, and from you; to your employees.  It is accessible on any device and offers incredible advantages to traditional styles of training.


Custom Course Creation

Most companies have their own custom training that is provided to employees. We can help take old training and convert it to a digital format or build completely new online courses for you to fit a variety of needs.


Train your Customers

Our system can be utilized to offer training to your customers on products and services you offer.  Help strengthen your relationship and improve your brand by educating customers on your products and services.

How Skills Assessment and Training Work Together


Watch our recent Webinar with our partner eSkill to learn how employee and job applicant assessment work hand in hand with targeted training

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Solution Sampling

Online Training and Assessment Portal

By partnering with Corporate Education Solutions, you receive your own customizable education, training, and assessment portal.  Within this portal your employees will have access to a variety of information including:

  • 18,000 online degree programs offered by over 1,200 US colleges and universities
  • 3,000 online professional development and compliance training courses
  • 400+ Job and skill based assessment tests

The portal allows the inclusion of information such as policies and procedures, training guidelines, helpful links to other resources internally or externally, and other learning aids such as PDFs and PowerPoint Presentations. You can even build job based learning pathways!

The portal can be created in less than 10 minutes and easily and quickly customized by you!

Administration Panel

With the admin panel, you may control the employee portal  including:

  • Modifying content within the site
  • Turning off areas of training not be applicable for your organization
  • Sending skill assessment tests to current / future employees
  • Building job based learning pathways and associating them with training, assessments and degrees
  • Accessing reporting to see grades and activities
  • Receiving and paying your invoices through the interface

The system is cloud based, secure, and very easy to use and understand!

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System (LMS)  is a powerful tool to train your employees.  We offer several levels of service including access to a cloud based AC Business Service LMS or the choice of your own company branded LMS.  In either case, employees take their courses whether they are provided by you or us on this platform.

Users can be grouped and given access to certain catalogs of training, or provided open access.  The ideal training plan calls for open access to all courseware with subsets of training marked as required for the employee.  The possibilities are endless and we’re there to help you every step of the way! More information including LMS pricing can be found here.

Online Video Courseware

The old method of spending hours reading material followed by testing is dated. Many companies are preferring to address training needs in smaller, more easily digestible formats.  Our video course series offers over 900 comprehensive titles each no more than 15 minutes long.

Each course uses video with a  combination of graphics and speech to appeal to multiple methods of learning.  As they are short and to the point, employees can squeeze in training at just the right time to learn and apply new ideas to their work.  These courses also serve as reference guides that may be referred to as needed to keep employees knowledgeable and applying what they have learned. Pricing can be found here.

This is the future of training, and we’re leading the way! Join us!

Video Sampling – Our Capabilities

This is an example of a promotional video we created to be wrapped within an online course.  The purpose of this work is to showcase our custom coursework within the LMS. Had you been logged into our LMS, you would be taken through a short exam following the video to test your comprehension of the content.  Your grades would be recorded and saved for quick reference in reporting.

You can see from the video the many types of course work we can develop for you, from internal compliance training to product training for your global sales force.  If you can dream it up, we can do it!

Another example can be found here.

Industry Specific Training – Case Study: Automotive Dealership Training

We work with you to tailor employee training to precisely meet your training needs.  An example is the program we’ve developed for the Automotive industry, in particular training for dealerships.

When you think “car salesman” what comes to mind? The type of sales approach and training (or lack thereof) over decades has led to how the industry is perceived today.  Indeed, the automotive industry has nearly a 100% annual turnover rate, and this reality and your perception are very closely associated.  The first step in changing this is for dealership owners to break the cycle.  They must commit to valuing their employees and providing them with proper sales, customer service, and business training.

By changing the culture through education, customer satisfaction is increased which leads to higher sales.  Employee satisfaction and retention rates are positively improved which also help reduce costs and increase profitability.  For an average dealership, if one car additional car was sold each month, the gain would far exceed the cost of our training program.  To learn more about our automotive dealership solution, click here.

Meet the Founder

Created by industry veteran Tony Huffman, Corporate Education Solutions is the culmination of nearly 20 years experience in the online education industry. Our services draw upon the insights that Tony has gleaned from watching online education evolve from its infancy to the where it is today – with a strong vision of where corporate training is headed over the next decade.

Noticing the alarming cutbacks in corporate training during the recession Tony was inspired to create an innovative solution that is both powerful and economic.  He believes that employees are a company’s most valuable asset and their training and development has a profound impact on the company, community and the individual.

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