Introduction to Ebola

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Introduction to Ebola: Public Safety Awareness

For those in public-facing jobs or with a need to better understand Ebola

As the Ebola virus has surfaced as a growing concern, the need for individuals to better understand the virus has arisen.  The Introduction to Ebola: Public Safety Awareness course is intended for those who wish to learn how to protect themselves and others from this virus. This course does not provide medical advice and is not meant to help individuals treat a patient. The goal is to help educate anyone who has contact with others in their daily lives or in their jobs.

This course begins with a history and overview of the Ebola virus, which is a severe and often fatal hemorrhagic fever. It covers the different strains of the virus and identifies those that impact humans. Students learn about the symptoms of Ebola and the similarities to other less deadly diseases which can make diagnosis difficult and cause confusion. Students will also learn how Ebola is and is not transmitted and gain knowledge useful in preventing the spread of this disease and other viruses.  Topics also include Ebola’s natural host, as well as transmission from animals to humans and human to human.

Students learn how infected patients are diagnosed and treated, including how the Ebola virus attacks the body and causes death.  Guidelines from the Center for Disease Control are provided as an overview of how medical providers deal with suspected cases of Ebola, and cover treatment for people known to have Ebola.  Ebola myths are discussed to help the student learn to separate the facts from fiction with this deadly disease.  Links to resources with up to the minute information for students are also included.

Students are quizzed upon completion of the course content to certify their knowledge.  Following the course, students will be able to recall key and important facts about Ebola, how it spreads, how it impacts the body, and how it is treated.  Successful students should be able to better respond should situations arise where Ebola is suspected, or where they may be called upon to help those in the public separate fact from fiction while preventing panic.

Course Delivery Method: Online

Length: 20-30 minutes

This lesson focuses on the following topics:

  • Ebola Symptoms

  • Methods of Transmission

  • Protective Procedures and Gear

  • Diagnosis

  • Limiting your risk

  • Treatment

  • Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization Guidelines

  • Myths

System Requirements:

  • Broadband or high-speed internet access is required (Includes DSL, cable, and wireless connections)

  • 1 GB RAM minimum recommended

  • Operating Systems:  Windows XP, Vista or 7 and Mac OS X 10 or higher

  • Google Chrome is highly recommended

  • Pop-ups MUST be allowed (Pop-up Blocker disabled)

  • Apple Quicktime or Windows Media Player

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