Skills Assessment Tests

Hundreds of skills and job based assessment tests you may use for employees or job applicants!

Assessment Tests are a great way of quickly identifying areas of strengths or weaknesses. They can be leveraged both internally with current employees, but also externally with job applicants. Our system allows skills assessments to be used in either case, quickly and inexpensively.

Within our admin interface, HR or Training managers are able to quickly search and find assessments to meet their needs, then have an invitation sent to the employees or applicants in just a few clicks. From there everything happens online and the grades are ported back into the panel for reporting. Many organizations have been built and run offering only skill assessment testing. We believe it’s a valuable part of an overall solution for employee training and development.

Businesses use skills assessment tests in a variety of ways, and their use is prevalent throughout many industries. Annually, hundreds of millions of skill assessment tests are used in the United States. Their use can typically be divided between two uses, as a pre-employment screening function and as a employee training aid.

Pre-employment screening

Ensuring that a new hire has the skills listed on their resume, and the skill set needed to be most effective in their position, skills and job based assessments are used to ensure candidates have the skills needed to succeed. Often these skills tests are administered early in the selection process as means to quickly weed out those that are unqualified for the role, the assessment testing used in this manor tend to be more generalized like Email Etiquette, Basic Math, or Typing Skills.

Conversely job based assessment tests are used more selectively and tend to be applied to the screening process as further along in the process, normally after first cuts have been made to the applicant base. Examples of these types of assessment tests include Medical Admissions Representative, Administrative Assistant, or Data Entry Operator.

Employee skills training

Many companies use skills assessment testing on their current workforce for a variety of reasons. Most companies prefer to promote from within which is faster and ensures that the candidate is already well versed in the business and its unique nuances. Often the employee is up for a promotion or a lateral move that requires a set of skills that may be different from those needed in their current position. The employee may or may not have the skills needed for the new role, and the skills test can be used to either help choose between the best internal candidates if several employees are under consideration or determine the educational needs of the chosen worker for their new role. In this way, the organization is able to quickly understand gaps in the workers skills set and quickly address those weaknesses with training while not wasting time or money training on something the employee already is well versed in.

In both cases above, skills assessment tests and job based testing are key features for ensuring the efficiency of the organization through workforce development and improvement.

The skill assessment marketplace

There are many companies that offer skill assessment tests, and the prevailing business model is that a company may buy an assessment as needed but at a cost of $30-50. The companies offering these tests attempt to push businesses into buying assessment tests in bulk, up front, at volume pricing. The price per test drops dramatically the more tests are purchased up front.

There are several drawbacks to this business model, first, a business needs to upfront the cost of the tests which doesn’t align the expense with the use of the test and while your accountant can help spread the cost through accrual, it’s adding an unnecessary amount of work to their plate. Second, you are paying for tests which you may never use – and they typically will expire after a period of time, normally a year from the time you sign up.

We believe that skill assessment testing can be offered to businesses differently, at a lower cost per test with a charge incurred only as you use the tests.

Our skills and job based assessment tests only lead to a fee if the test is sent to a candidate or employee and finished. No charge is incurred for tests sent but not taken, this way a business can be more liberal when sending out skills testing requests to job applicants and have a measure of security that only those who take and finish the test will result in a charge to the company.

Below are Skill Assessment Test titles.  Tests are available for $15 ah-la-carte or as part of a catalog – call for pricing.

Administration and Office Assistant (15)
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Coordinator
Administrative Secretary
Administrative Specialist
Admissions Representative
Deputy City Clerk
Executive Assistant
Office Assistant
Personal Assistant
Program Assistant
Virtual Administrative Assistant
Antonoff Real Estate Executive Assistant
Outpatient Scheduler
Medical Records Clerk
Communications, English. Languages, Hospitality (25)
Cage Cashier
Hospitality Associate
Hospitality Manager
Information Officer
Public Relations Specialist
Room Service Server
Business Communication
E-mail Etiquette
Guide and Tour Operator Skills
Room Service Management Skills
Verbal Reasoning
Italian Language (IT)
English Spelling and Vocabulary (US)
English Language (UK)
English Language (US)
English Proofreading (UK)
English Proofreading (US)
English Spelling and Vocabulary (UK)
French Language (CA)
French Language (FR)
German Language (DE)
Portuguese Language (BR)
Spanish Language (ES)
Japanese Language (JP)
Computers, Networking, Databases, and Programming (254)
Oracle Database Administrator
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer
MySQL Database Administrator
Network Engineer
Information System Security Engineer
Java Developer
Java SOA Architect
Java UI Developer
I.T. Systems Support Analyst
Flex Developer
Data Analyst
Data Communications Analyst
Data Control Clerk
Data Entry Operator
Database Developer
C# Developer
ColdFusion Developer
Adobe Graphic Designer
Android Developer
SharePoint Administrator
SharePoint Developer
Ruby on Rails Developer
Senior .NET Developer
Senior QA Analyst
Active Server Pages .NET
Active Server Pages .NET 2.0
Active Server Pages 3.0
Active Server Pages.NET 3.5
Adobe Acrobat 9.0
Adobe Acrobat Pro 10
Adobe ColdFusion 8
Adobe ColdFusion 9
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
Adobe Fireworks CS3 – Windows
Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
Adobe Flash CS3 Professional – Macintosh
Adobe Flex 4.0
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 – Windows
Adobe FrameMaker 8
Adobe Illustrator 4.0
Adobe Illustrator CS2 – Windows
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe PageMaker 4.0
Adobe Illustrator CS5 – Windows
Adobe InDesign CS2 – Windows
Adobe InDesign CS3 – Windows
Adobe Photoshop 5.5 – Windows
Adobe PageMaker 7.0 – Windows
Adobe Photoshop CS2 – Windows
Adobe PhotoShop CS3 – Macintosh
Adobe Photoshop CS3 – Windows
Adobe PhotoShop CS5 Extended – Windows
Ajax Frameworks
Allaire ColdFusion 4.5
Ajax Programming
MS .NET Framework 1.1
MS .NET Framework 3.5
MS .NET Framework 4.0
MS Dynamics AX 2009 – Financials
MS Dynamics CRM 2011 – Development
MS Dynamics CRM 2011 for General Use
MS Dynamics GP 2010 – Financials
MS Exchange Server 2000
MS Office 2000 – Powerpoint
MS Exchange Server 2003
MS Exchange Server 2010
MS FrontPage 2000
MS.NET Framework 2.0
MS Office 2000 – Access
MS Office 2000 – Excel
MS Office 2000 – Outlook
MS Office 2000 – Word
MS Office 2003
MS Office 2003 – Access
MS Office 2003 – Access SQL
MS Office 2003 – Excel
MS Office 2003 – Excel Functions
MS Office 2003 – Outlook
MS Office 2003 – PowerPoint
MS Office 2003 – VBA
MS Office 2003 – Visio
MS Office 2003 – Word
MS Office 2007
MS Office 2007 – Access
MS Office 2007 – Excel
MS SQL Server 7
MS Office 2007 – OneNote
MS Office 2007 – Outlook
MS Office 2007 – PowerPoint
MS Office 2007 – Visio
MS Office 2007 – Word
MS Office 2010 – Access
MS Office 2010 – Excel
MS Office 2010 – Excel Functions
MS Office 2010 – Outlook
MS Office 2010 – PowerPoint
MS Office 2010 – Word
MS Office 2013 – Excel
MS Office Project 2007
MS Office Publisher 2007
MS Office Publisher 2010
MS Office XP
MS Office XP – Access
MS Office XP – Excel
MS Office XP – Outlook
MS Office XP – PowerPoint
MS Office XP – Word
MS SharePoint 2007
MS Sharepoint Server 2010 for General Use
MS SQL Server 2000 – Administration
MS SQL Server 2005
MS SQL Server 2008- Programming
MS Visual Basic 2005
MS Visual Basic 2010
MS Visual Basic 6
MS Visual C++
MS Visual C++ 2010 Professional
MS Visual Interdev
MS Visual FoxPro 9
MS Visual Source Safe
MS Visual Studio 2005
MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional
MS Visual Studio 2010 Professional
MS Windows 7
MS Windows NT 4 Administration
MYOB AccountRight Plus 19 (UK)
MySQL 5.5
NetSuite 12.1 – Financials
Networking Essentials
User Interface Engineer
HP WinRunner 9.2
HTML 4.01
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2012
Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2004
Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2006
Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2008
Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2010
Intuit QuickBooks Pro Plus 2011
Cascading Style Sheets 2.1
Cascading Style Sheets 3
Corel WordPerfect 8.0
Crystal Reports 2008
Basic Computer Knowledge for Windows
Borland Delphi
C #
C# 4.0
Android 4 Programming
SQL Server Database Administrator
SQL Server Developer
Systems Integration Engineer
Technical Consultant
Web Applications Tester
Web Designer
Web Developer
WebSphere Administrator
iOS Developer
QuarkXpress 4.0 – Macintosh
RubyOnRails 2.1
RubyOnRails 3.2
Sage Simply Accounting Pro 2011 (US)
Python 2.6
Objective-C Programming
Relational Databases
Software Testing
SOA Design and Development Knowledge
Sun Solaris System Administration
Salesforce CRM Spring ’12 for General Use
Salesforce Spring ’12 – Development
Salesforce Summer ’12 – Administration
SAP R3 Basis
Seagate Crystal Reports 8.5
Extended JavaScript 3.0
Peachtree Complete Accounting 2003
Peachtree Complete Accounting 2005
Peachtree Complete Accounting 2009
Perl 1.0
Perl 5 Version 14
OOP Concepts
Oracle 10g Administration
Oracle Administration
Oracle Developer
Oracle PL/SQL
Oracle Solaris 11 Express Administration
Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0
OS-MVS-Job Control Language
QuarkXPress 4.0 – Windows
Lotus Notes 8.5
Macintosh OS X 10.6 for General Use
Macromedia Authorware
Macromedia Dreamweaver 4
Macromedia Flash 4
Macromedia Flash Professional 8
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4
Java 2 Standard Edition 1.5
Java Enterprise Edition 5
Java Enterprise Edition 6
Java Frameworks: Hibernate 4
Java Frameworks: Spring 2.5
Java Frameworks: Struts 2
Java GUI
Java Standard Edition 7
Java Technologies: Hibernate, Spring, and Struts
JavaScript 1.4
JavaScript 1.8.5
LAN Switching & Wireless Fundamentals
WebSphere Application Server 8.0
Windows 8
Windows Vista
WordPress 3.4.2
jQuery 1.6.2
MS Windows Server 2003
MS Visual FoxPro 6
MS Windows 2000 Professional
Routing Fundamentals
Drupal 7.18
MS Office 2013 – Outlook
MS Office 2013 – PowerPoint
MS Office 2013 – Word
MS Windows Server 2008
MS Windows XP Basic Features
MS Windows XP for General Use
Visual Basic Script
Visual Basic.NET
Unix Administration
Sybase Powerbuilder
System Administration for Windows and Macintosh OS
PC Hardware
Windows Internet Explorer 8
Regular Typing Skills
Web Search Skills
Basic Electronics
Firefox 4
Google Chrome 10
Customer Service (16)
Call Center Manager
Call Center Operator
Client Services Analyst
Customer Service Representative
Desktop Support Specialist
Front Desk Clerk
Help Desk Specialist
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant
Retail Analyst
Retail Cashier
Retail Sales Assistant
Call Center
Customer Service
Front Desk Skills
Inbound Call Center Simulation
Outbound Call Center Simulation
Environmental and Engineering (10)
Mechanical Engineering Skills
Environmental, Health and Safety
Electrical Engineering Skills
AutoCAD 2010 for General Use
AutoCAD Technician
Controls Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Embedded Systems Engineer
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Finance, Accounting and Human Resources (26)
Accounting Administrator
Accounting Clerk
Auditing Clerk
Cash and Banking Supervisor
Financial Adviser
Financial Analyst
Financial Assistant
FT/PT Bookkeeper
General Ledger Accountant
HR Administrator
Human Resources Assistant
Loan Officer
Quantitative Analyst
Reconciliation Specialist
Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles (US)
Vault Clerk
Vault Supervisor
Bank Teller Skills
Debt Collection
Discrimination in the Workplace (US)
Financial Analysis (US)
Financial Accounting (US)
Human Resources (US)
Quantitative Analysis
Workplace Safety


General (25)
Medical – Pain Management
HIPAA – Health Insurance Coverage
HIPAA – Privacy and Security Standards
Home Health Aide
First Aid
Personal Care Aide
Physical Therapist
Physician Assistant
Outreach Specialist
Patient Access Associate
Patient Care Assistant
Medical Assistant
GoldLeaf Head of Nursing- Assessment 1
Nursing Skills
Technical Writer
Technical Writing Skills
Litigation Legal Assistant
Legal Terminology (US)
Spatial Reasoning
Self-Assessment for Online Learning
Events Coordinator
Food and Beverage Cashier
Food and Beverage Manager
Event Planning Skills
Food and Beverage Serving Skills
Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing and Operations (62)
Account Representative
Account Executive
Business and Quality Assurance Analyst
Business Manager
Compliance Officer
Document Control Specialist
E-Commerce Consultant
E-Commerce Project Manager
Field Support Supervisor
Email Marketing Campaign Specialist
Email Marketing Manager
Market Research Manager
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Officer
Office Manager
Online Marketing Specialist
Operations Supervisor
Payroll Processing Senior
Payroll Technician
Pricing Manager
Procurement Analyst
Project Assistant
Project Specialist
Quality Assurance Tester
Safety Coordinator
Safety Specialist
Sales Administrator
Salesforce Administrator
Salesforce Developer
Scheduling Specialist
SEO Specialist
Shift Supervisor
Social Media Specialist
Attention to Detail
Data Checking
General Retail Knowledge
Leadership Skills
Logical Thinking
Office Filing
Management Skills
Marketing Concepts
Quality Assurance
Primary Work Skills
Project Management
Retail Call Center
Retail Marketing Skills
Retail Math
Sales Clerk Skills
Sales Concepts
Social Media – General Knowledge
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
Social Media Marketing
Time Management
Warehouse Pick and Pack Skills
Warehousing Skills
Web Analytics
Web Merchant Skills
Medical Coding, Pharmacy, Nursing (9)
Pharmaceutical Terminology
Medical Billing
Medical Coding
Medical Terminology
Medical Transcription
Medical Biller
Registered Nursing Skills
Registered Nurse

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